Playing with light – outdoor lifestyle photography

Light is one of the most important things in photography. The studio works exclusively with artificial light sources and almost any light spectrum can be simulated. The situation is completely different when taking pictures outdoors. Here the natural light source and event is in the foreground. Of course, artificial light is also used outdoors, yet photography poses a very special challenge. If you like spending time outdoors, outdoor lifestyle photography is the perfect segment for you.

Outdoor Lifestyle Photography: A Popular Subfield of Photography

Outdoor lifestyle photography is a young new area of photography and is enjoying increasing popularity. Especially in the social media you can see and marvel at the results of this new photography. The art of outdoor lifestyle photography lies, among other things, in the fact that both the model or models and their surroundings are equally visible. The illumination should be mainly soft and as natural as possible. The separating element between the model and the background should be blurred. But you can also work with shadows for separation.

If you want to bring the model to the foreground, you will not be able to do without artificial light, because just by the natural light source you will not be able to achieve this effect. Since you as a photographer have no influence on the prevailing nature of the sky, you must always be able to improvise or adjust the settings. If the sky is mostly overcast, the natural contrasts are also reduced.

So that your pictures do not become too unnatural, the flash must have a correspondingly soft characteristic. If you photograph in a predominantly dark winter atmosphere, the only way to achieve optimum exposure is to use a smaller aperture. However, without paying attention to the flash, you can reduce or increase the amount of ambient light in the entire exposure due to the shutter speed.

Perfection during the shooting – the right lighting

To shape the light you can use either a beauty dish, a screen or a softbox. If you would like to warm up with your team in the cold seasons, then you should choose the glider, because it is the easiest to handle. However, if there are strong wind speeds outside, you should weigh between handling and the risk of the wind tearing your equipment. However, if you do not want to do without an umbrella, we recommend that you do not use it completely unfolded.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Keep it folded in a bit. This leads to a harder light, accompanied by low light loss, but can be accepted by you. Whereby a breaking screen or flying Porty head is not to be accepted. Nevertheless, in outdoor lifestyle photography, make sure that the light does not become too flat. Try the front and side instead of the front. With a light meter you can determine the optimal camera setting. Many photographers use Iso 100 settings with apertures from 2.0 to 2.8.

Right shutter speed for stable images

Set the shutter speed so that you can just about eliminate camera shake while still getting enough ambient light on your shots. If this is not possible because the flash is too strong compared to the ambient light, simply turn down the flash or increase the distance to your model if necessary. If you are taking pictures in motion or your model is in motion, run your assistant with the flash on the side to try to keep the distance and the angle of illumination.

As already mentioned, light is an indispensable factor in photography. Both artificial and natural light will always present you as a photographer with some challenges. But with the right know-how and a little experimentation, you’ll find that you can outwit the light and get fabulous results. It’s just the play with light.

Basics of digital photography

Shutter speed, aperture, ISO. Take your time and learn the basics of digital photography in a video of about 17 minutes. Abbreviations and the individual modules are explained in detail here. Setting the right scene for nature is a work of art and everyone should be well prepared. Have fun trying it out!

You, your camera & nature

Outdoor photography as a hobby? Alen shows you the 5 best techniques of outdoor photography. His good mood encourages you to take such good pictures..  let’s go, enjoy nature and shoot unforgettable moments!